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Benson Arizona

Sometimes an old song or memory just gets stuck in your mind and won’t leave. This one’s been playing for a couple of days: “Benson, Arizona, blew warm wind through your hair My body flies the galaxy, my heart longs … Continue reading

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Friday Wisdom – Google search

So the other day I thought of something that I should look with a google search.  By the time I got a browser window up, I’d forgotten what I was going to search for. So I typed in, “Short term … Continue reading

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Catching Cold

Where did the phase, “I caught a cold” come from?  It’s one of those weird idioms. I love idioms – those weird phrases we say that don’t really mean what the words mean. You know like, “I’m all ears.”  Now … Continue reading

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Friday Wisdom – Doing it Right

The trouble with doing something right the first time is that nobody appreciates how difficult it was. More wisdom next week, Andrew

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