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Tea Kettle

Last week I was talking about thorium and nuclear reactors and mentioned tea kettles in passing.  Seems like that drew a lot of interest. Okay, two people commented on it … I should mention that I drink tea – a … Continue reading

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Friday Wisdom – Driving Cars

I had a long road trip this week to visit my brothers so here’s some info on cars: When is a door not a not? When it’s ajar. A state trooper pulls a man over for speeding and asks to … Continue reading

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Thursday Cats

Instead of working or stressing over the latest news, I offer you some cat pictures: Spotty kitty: Mr. Socks: Miss Boots: And here is the kitty’s bedroom: And that’s it. These cats are lazy and getting action shots or videos … Continue reading

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Thorium, Uranium, Plutonium – Oh My!

Last week I mentioned that this week I’d be writing about thorium nuclear reactors.  I wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested, but I noted a few positive comments about the subject and nothing negative.  I do realize that my … Continue reading

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