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House and Home

Yesterday I put a water sealer on the deck.  I wish I had an exciting story to tell about that, but it was so boring that I didn’t even bother to take a picture.  It was a smelly, messy job … Continue reading

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Just stuff

This is just one of those days where I need to rest.  We put the grandkids on the airplane back home last Sunday and I had a pain-in-the-rear week at work.  Today I am just plain tired – too tired … Continue reading

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A Poem for After

This morning I drove the grand kids to the airport for their journey home.  Now I find myself with a store of good memories but also tired, sad, drained and longing for younger days.  Instead of my usually essay, this … Continue reading

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Kids and Woodworking

The family legend in my family, as spread by my mother, was that grandfather could drive a three inch nail through two boards with three blows of the hammer – one to set, one to drive and one to set … Continue reading

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