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Tuesday Poem

I’ve started working on my next book: a book of poems on prostate cancer. I won’t be publishing all them here but thought I’d give you a sample of what I am working on: The doctor called. The train wreak … Continue reading

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The Great California Drought – Part III, what can work and what you should do

It’s easy to be pessimistic about the drought and worry about running out of water.  The situation isn’t good and likely to get worse.  Wells are running dry and the fire season is getting very bad with hills so dry.  … Continue reading

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The Great California Drought – Part II, what won’t work

If you really want to get scared about the California drought you should look at this website: drought monitor .  That’s enough to make you want to move to Minnesota. As with any large problem, there are always a lot … Continue reading

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Wednesday Woodworking – little stuff

Nothing major going on in the shop, just a bunch of little things.  I’ve made progress on the shelves for the bench, made a small start on reducing the wood pile, bought stuff and started a display shelf Heather wants.  … Continue reading

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