Andrew’s Chemistry Lesson

Water:Β Water is composed of two gins, Oxygin and Hydrogin. Oxygin is pure gin. Hydrogin is gin and water.


About Andrew Reynolds

Born in California Did the school thing studying electronics, computers, release engineering and literary criticism. I worked in the high tech world doing software release engineering and am now retired. Then I got prostate cancer. Now I am a blogger and work in my wood shop doing scroll saw work and marquetry.
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23 Responses to Andrew’s Chemistry Lesson

  1. Where’s the rimshot?


  2. Dave Foyle says:

    Thanks, hooray! (or is it spelled Tanq-ueray)

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  3. dorannrule says:

    I am still smiling at this one but figure all grand things in nature are ginetic!

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  4. Debra says:

    If only you’d been my chemistry teacher! Such a practical education!

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  5. mitchteemley says:

    Ergo, God is an Englishman (I’d suspected as much). Thanks for clarifying, Andrew.

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  6. Well that explains a lot.

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  7. jfwknifton says:

    And don’t forget the tonic!

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  8. Ray V. says:

    It may be, but it’s not Bombay Blue Saphire Gin!

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