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Summer Saturday 1969 When I was Nine

Cartoons with cereal Captain Crunch with Scooby-Doo on the black and white TV. Pink Panther, Bugs Bunny and Casper the Ghost until mother announced that it was time to put on clothes. The Tony the Tiger bowl, spoon and cup … Continue reading

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Tying Shoes

Today during the on-line church service, the children’s ministry teacher started the children’s moment talking about skills we learned to do, but don’t really think about how we do it anymore.  The idiom, “like riding a bike,” was mentioned.  Then … Continue reading

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I started working when I was twelve.  It was just a weekly lawn/garden job for Mrs. Beaty, the elderly lady who lived next door, but she paid cash each week.  Sometimes I got as much as four dollars for a … Continue reading

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While we wait for the world to find a new normal I was reminded that today is flag day.  It’s the day a couple of centuries ago when the then Continental Congress adopted a Flag for our fledging nation.  The … Continue reading

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