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Highway 17

Many roads in our area have a name as well as a number.  Highway 101 is also the Bayshore.  Interstate 580 into the central valley is the Altamont Pass.  The Nimitz Freeway will take you from San Jose to Oakland … Continue reading

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Music leaves a powerful mark on one’s life.  Hearing a song from long ago can remind us of a happy times, a new love, or remind us of what we’ve lost.  Music can inspire or annoy us.  It has the … Continue reading

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A Walk by the Lake

Remember the playful days of youth when the sun shone down on green fields. When you’d run so fast that the wind would blow in your hair. The joy of rolling down a grassy hill or skipping a stone across … Continue reading

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Wednesday Poetry – Memories

I’ve been in the workshop, but mostly clean up, tweaks on my miter jig and a total failure to make a picture frame.  I completely messed up on my measurements and have to start again on the frame. So today … Continue reading

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