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Sitting Among the Remnants of the Future

When I started in electronics, computers filled whole rooms, TV’s were giant boxes with tiny screens, and 8-track tapes were just starting to be replaced by cassette tape.  One of my first jobs was working in a factory that made … Continue reading

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A Working Post

I just did something evil.  Well, maybe not wholly evil but possibly immoral and against the laws of tea brewing. I confess – I couldn’t wait for the tea kettle to come to a boil and then wait five minutes … Continue reading

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The iPhone Post

We did it.  Finally did it. They arrived Wednesday – two shiny new iPhone 5s. I’ve resisted for years but finally the decision was made to drag ourselves into the 21st century world of communications. There are a number of … Continue reading

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No Post Today

I’ve decided not to write a post for today.  Tomorrow I’m scheduled for a colonoscopy and today I am doing the prep.  You don’t want to know and I don’t want to describe. It is having a negative effect on … Continue reading

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