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Perhaps we should just call this post a stream of consciousness.  Wow, there’s a word that’s hard to spell.  My first attempt was conciseness.  Spelling has always been difficult for me.  Well, English itself is a bit odd – lots … Continue reading

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I am not sure when I lost the knowledge in my brain, but I can no longer tell you which finger I use to press the ‘a’ key on my keyboard.  I think I used all of my fingers, including … Continue reading

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Pain of the Keyboard

My legs hurt.  My arm hurts.  My back hurts.  My foot hurts. Even my hair isn’t feeling so good.  Every step is filled with pain.  Standing up from my chair brings a new dimension in pain.  I sat down hoping … Continue reading

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I can type again – RSI Update

Just a quick follow-up on my RSI (repetitive stress injury). Man, this takes a long time to heal.  Since I saw the doctor last month I’ve read arranged my computer workstation and it’s helped a lot.  I installed an adjustable … Continue reading

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