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This is a week where I am in the midst of changes.  Not all I like.  One or two are okay, but mostly I don’t like change.  Still, we must accept that in life, change happens. Except from a vending … Continue reading

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Friday Wisdom – College

“Don’t let college interfere with your education.” My father would said this to any person he met who was either attending college or thinking of enrolling.  The simple sentence was normally followed with a ten minute to two-hour lecture on … Continue reading

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Wednesday Woodworking – Louis Cubes, Parquetry or Marquetry?

Last weekend was the quarterly marquetry workshop and this month we’re building a box with parquetry on the top using the famous Louis cube design.  The name comes from France and the reign of Louis XIV because the pattern was … Continue reading

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Routine Shift

“Variety is the spice of life, but routine is the essence of life.” This is a quote from Joe, a recovering alcoholic I knew in my teen years.  He was an interesting man and I learned much about life from … Continue reading

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