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Wednesday Gardening – Seedlings

These are the last of the seedlings from our indoor growing area.  To get a bit of a jump on summer we started most of our seeds inside under a grow lamp.  This bunch will be planted by the weekend.

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Once, in another life time I was having lunch with my father.  I’d just been laid off and the manufacturing industry I worked in was collapsing with no sign it would ever recover.  He listened, bought my meal, and gave … Continue reading

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Friday Wisdom – Being Rich

I thought about being rich and it don’t mean so much . . . Just look at Henry Ford, all those millions and he never owned a Cadillac.

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Wednesday Driveway Gardening

We’ve expanded our driveway garden with a new raised bed: The driveway here is huge – enough room for four cars.  Since we only have two, we’ve taken one space to expand the veggie garden. The other bed: We should … Continue reading

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