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Here – A Dialog of Place

How many times have I stood here and listened to time’s echoes? Most of my life has been lived within ten miles of where I was born.  Oh, I’ve traveled some and seen great wonders.  There are plenty of miles … Continue reading

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It’s Sunday and the first day in a while that truly feels like spring. The fruit trees have their blossoms. the kitties are playing outside, and I heard a bird singing. On the air is the promise of spring and … Continue reading

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Too Soon

Too soon the holiday season will be here.  Even now we see stores bringing in the Thanksgiving turkeys and Christmas decorations.  There is a seemingly endless list of things to do – gifts to buy, cleaning, yard work, cooking, dentist … Continue reading

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The Other Stuck Line

As winter approaches, words fall from the tree and are blown across the roof.  Rain falls, soaking the thirsty ground, as I sit on the chair watching the world turn to winter.  A cat jumps on my lap seeking warmth … Continue reading

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