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There was a Time – poems, musings, and thoughts of experiencing cancer

It finally happened.  I have a book for sale on Amazon: There was a Time The journey started in 2011 when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  During treatment I tried to write about what was happening to me, but … Continue reading

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Wednesday Poetry – Cancer’s Vacation

Cancer’s Vacation Where would cancer go for a vacation? Would it fly to Hawaii and stroll on the beach? Would it send me a post card or bring me back a t-shirt? While it was gone, would I feel better, … Continue reading

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A 9-17-9 Challenge

Annika of Annika Perry’s Writing Blog  nominated my for the 777 Challenge.  The idea is to go to page 7 of your work in progress, the scroll to line 7 and share the next 7 lines on your blog. Interesting.  … Continue reading

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It’s Done, Sort of

I did it!  I finished the first complete draft of my cancer poetry book. Well, maybe ‘finished’ is the wrong word.  How about, “decided I’d written enough and stopped writing.”  I’ve discovered this with both software engineering projects and writing … Continue reading

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