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Friday Wisdom – Cat Defined

From Andrew’s Dictionary: Cat, noun, – a small furry four legged animal who is always on the wrong side of the door.   More wisdom next week, Andrew

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Version Three

My writing hasn’t been progressing as well as I’d like this month, but I have been thinking more about last month’s poem and now have a version three (the other two are here if you want to compare: Poetry Revision). … Continue reading

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Friday Wisdom – Woodworking

From Andrew’s dictionary: Woodworking – the art of cutting up large chunks of wood into small chunks, and then gluing the small chunks together to make something big. More wisdom next week, Andrew

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Wednesday Woodworking – Frames, clock and a hike

  This week’s shop output is one finished clock: Blurry picture of the last two picture frames in clamps. and on Sunday we left the shop, headed for the hills and hiked up to this overlook: and now to decide … Continue reading

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