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Notes on a Book, Novel, Poems, and Stuff

It’s a rainy Sunday and I am sitting at the computer feeling a bit overwhelmed with the number of projects open on my screen.  Currently there are three big projects I’ve been dividing my time on: Cancer poetry book Novel … Continue reading

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Andrew’s Third Law of Software Development

Bugs detected in a software system can be corrected in these four ways: Fix and do a new release. Tell boss, “It works on my machine.” Tell user, “That’s a network error, retry later.” Document it and call it a … Continue reading

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Wednesday Woodworking – Framed

Finally got this project done: The Redwood Picture frame with Heather’s painting of redwoods! Heather did a great painting and if you think this is good, it’s one of a set of three that she’s working on. The frame is … Continue reading

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Movember Poem

Movember Razor scrapes face clean. Towel dries tears. Lip quivers at the memory. Eyes face the past, while throat prepares to cry into the future. A budding soup-strainer starts the conversation. Stubble opens ears. Lips speak of, Motivation, Awareness, Paying-it-forward, … Continue reading

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