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Wednesday Woodworking – Box Top

And here it is, the finished top for the box.  Well almost finished – still needs some varnish. That’s all for this week. If you need me – I’ll be in the shop, Andrew

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Contrast I am sitting here in front of a blank screen with so many thoughts that my mind is blank. Contrast. You can only see the dark, because there is light and the shadow draws our focus to the light.  … Continue reading

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Friday Wisdom – Chocolate

Question: What does it mean when you’ve got melted chocolate on your hands? Answer: You’re eating too slowly. More wisdom next week, Andrew

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Wednesday Marquetry – the tulip

This week I’m working on the marquetry for my freeform box.  This tulip is knife cut using dyed veneers.  This will go on the underside of the lid.  The top will get a rose – I’ll start that this weekend. … Continue reading

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