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Music leaves a powerful mark on one’s life.  Hearing a song from long ago can remind us of a happy times, a new love, or remind us of what we’ve lost.  Music can inspire or annoy us.  It has the … Continue reading

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Friday Wisdom – Camping Advice

Modern raincoats made of fabrics that “breathe” enable campers to stay dry in a downpour. Raincoats that sneeze, cough, and belch, however, have been proven to add nothing to the wilderness experience. More wisdom next week, Andrew

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I’ll admit that I don’t exercise much and tend towards couch potato.  There’s part of me that would be very happy to sit at my computer all day and read other people’s blogs.  However, there is that part of me … Continue reading

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Friday Wisdom – Computer boots

The computer term “Boot up” originally meant to start a computer by pulling it up by its “boot straps.” Today this has changed into the “reboot” function where the computer is already running, but has decided to kick the user … Continue reading

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