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Too Soon

Too soon the holiday season will be here.  Even now we see stores bringing in the Thanksgiving turkeys and Christmas decorations.  There is a seemingly endless list of things to do – gifts to buy, cleaning, yard work, cooking, dentist … Continue reading

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Friday Wisdom – Hanlon’s Razor

Never ascribe to malice that which can be explained by incompetence. —Robert J. Hanlon More wisdom next Friday, Andrew

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Wednesday Woodworking – The Boxes Arrive

I made three more planter boxes for the caged garden. Now we have five and Heather has started planting lettuce for a winter garden. There are four boxes left to make. Another angle: and here’s one under construction: I haven’t … Continue reading

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Decision Point

Standing at the point of decision. Crossroads. Rail and car cross in time. The road bends into the unknown. Two rails held apart by strong ties. Standing at the junction of fear and longing, contemplating the turmoil of the heart. … Continue reading

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